Even if you don't have a beard, you're welcome to join the BEERDS family. This company was started by 2 brothers who believe the family extends beyond relatives and traditions. Family consists of those who act loyally no matter what and love you unconditionally, beard or not. You may be pre-growth and looking for help, you may have a beard of fame in the making or you may have just had to shave your beard for some dreadful reason. No matter what the case may be, BEERDS is here to says "cheers" and welcome to our family. If there's any way we can help in your personal care journey, please reach out to us at and thanks for trying BEERDS!

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BEERDS beard care products

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    BEERDS products were developed to stop beard itch. But, more than soothing irritated skin, your beard care routine should soothe your spirit.

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    Look good, feel good, play good. Being well-groomed doesn't stop at the beard. Make efforts to stay polished all the way around - body, mind and spirit.

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    We carefully selected ingredients that have vital nutrients for healthy beard growth. Staying on routine is healthy "you" growth.

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