Why hops extract?

Our research into using hops extract uncovered amazing case studies (like this one from NIH.gov). We put the research to the test and found that the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents in humulus lupulus extract were ideal to solve for all the major beard growth and beard grooming issues like beard itch, crackle beard, flyaway beard and other types of beards in distress.

These are NOT "hops-infused" products, those have been around and they only use ingredients infused with hops, leaving you with trace amounts of the extract and little of the medicinal benefits of the plant. What's the difference? Hops-infused products don't use or list actual hops extract as an ingredient.

We tested many iterations of our products until we found the perfect amount of pure hops extract to blend in with our other carefully selected ingredients. Each product page tells you about the ingredients we chose and the benefits of each ingredient, from Geranium Extract to Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract to Shea Butter and Avocado Oil.

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BEERDS beard care products

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    BEERDS products were developed to stop beard itch. But, more than soothing irritated skin, your beard care routine should soothe your spirit.

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    Look good, feel good, play good. Being well-groomed doesn't stop at the beard. Make efforts to stay polished all the way around - body, mind and spirit.

  • BEERDS soothe, groom, grow mentality


    We carefully selected ingredients that have vital nutrients for healthy beard growth. Staying on routine is healthy "you" growth.

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