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Hey there, my name is Tommy Bussey. I'm 34 and have been in business for myself one way or another since I was 19. I am the Co-founder of eTags.com and have experience with experience. I have more of a marketing and technology background, but I also built the customer service division at eTags to over 50 people and that company enjoys over 300,000 five-star ratings and counting.

No matter if it's a car, a software platform, a new t-shirt or a beard butter, the end user or consumer deserves a certain experience.

A good experience should come with, but should never be limited to, the following:

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • A hassle-free ordering and checkout process
  • Quick turnaround times on processing the order and shipping it out
  • Handling any shipping issues on the company's dime and time
  • Getting out a quick reply to support inquiries
  • Creating discounts for loyal customers
  • Flexible, self-manageable subscription or payment options
  • And, most of all, delivering a quality product that the end user or consumer will look forward to using every day because the experience improves their quality of life

That last one may sound a bit much, but we do believe that taking care of your beard is part of taking care of your "self". On our packaging we have a phrase, Soothe. Groom. Grow., and it's not just about skin and beard hair. It's about a soothing experience each day to get you ready to face the challenges that life throws at us. It's about grooming ourselves to be quality people through taking care of what's ours. And, it's about growing as a person. As a result of your dedication to your skin and hair grooming routine the other areas of life will start leveling up as well. They say, how you do one thing is how you do everything. So how did we go about this little venture? Let me share the shortest version I can because there's been plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Starting Up BEERDS

So, I started BEERDS with my younger brother, Shane, and we set out to solve the issues that we were having with our beard products.

The name BEERDS was actually a joke we came up with years ago talking about us running a barbershop lounge together and naming it just "BEERDS" plural with word "beer" in there for a good time.

Joking aside though, I had the idea to use 100% pure hops extract in all of our beard care products when we decided to do this business so of course we named it, BEERDS.

I had been researching the effectiveness of hops extract as it relates to the skin and hair. I found several trusted sources and publications on the use of hops extract in topical personal care products.

I was quite encouraged by the reports and data I was able to find and immediately called my brother to tell him the idea. We both agreed that it sounded like an idea worth pursuing. We actually loved it and we were very excited to explore it further.

Creating The Products

One of the first things we discussed and agreed on was that we were going to dedicate ourselves to creating products that we personally would love using every day. We were determined to create high-quality products that were effective and smelled great without being overpowering. So, things like consistency, fragrance, ingredients, effectiveness and overall quality of the products was the primary focus as we started product development.

We started by doing extensive research before approaching the formulation labs with our idea of using hops extract in beard care products. Shane did an incredible study on all of the ingredients our competitors use in their products. We also purchased quite a few of our competitors products to experience their brand, website, packaging and the actual products. My brother documented every single ingredient from each of the competitors labels and created a matrix that we could use to then dig into each ingredient individually. Then we worked together to score each ingredient according to the claimed benefits we found in our research. We weighted the ingredients with benefits that were backed by data to narrow our list down. Then, we used the highest scoring ingredients to create test formulas for the labs to use as a guide.

We discovered that over the last couple years the humulus lupulus hop has been making its way into topical products in personal care and beauty. From there we did some digging and found a few studies from sources like the National Health Institute. Multiple studies reported similar findings, specifically a measurably significant presence of antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents. These three agents are quite beneficial for our hair and skin because they kill the spread of microorganisms that can damage hair cells, prevent oxidation (skin degeneration) and reduce skin inflammation and swelling.

In addition to creating effective products, we wanted to get the fragrance on point in terms of the actual scent and the strength of the fragrance. We tested over 30 different blends/oils and ended up custom formulating our fragrance based on combining two of the samples we had tested. Our signature products all have well-balanced notes of vanilla and birchwood, we call it Vanilla Birch. We went through 3 iterations of samples to get the strength of the scent at an ideal level.

As we meticulously tested each iteration of each product, we focused on the consistency, fragrance, effectiveness and overall quality. We went through so many versions that I don't have an exact count, but you can see by some of these photos the various samples that we went through in our testing.


We were adamant about creating a beard butter, beard oil and beard wash that we would both enjoy using on a daily basis to stop beard itch, promote healthier growth, moisturize and soften our beards, reduce our skin redness and smooth out bumps caused by irritation from dirt and grime.

My brother and I have been using the final products in our daily routines since the first day our first batch was whipped up, packaged and labeled. We are confident you'll notice the difference the first time you use a BEERDS product. You can feel it "working" literally. Interesting note, we both suffer from a form a dermatitis that can cause the face and scalp to become unbearably itchy. When we both started using our BEERDS products in our daily routines we were both relieved of the pain and itching in a few seconds of using the beard wash.

Here's my routine with our products for your reference:

  • I use our beard wash once or twice a day in the shower to thoroughly cleanse the hair from dirt and grime
  • Right after my showers I dry my beard leaving a little dampness
  • Then, I apply our beard oil to moisturize my beard, hydrate the skin under my beard and to ensure my beard is growing in a healthy way
  • After that I use our beard butter in my beard and in my hair (it has a really versatile hold in your hair and it's great for the scalp). The beard butter will nourish and soften your beard while allowing you to groom down flyaways for a sharp finish
tommy's routine beerds

Thanks for allowing me the time to share some of this information with you. My brother and I believe it's important you know that we personally love using our products. We tested every version on our own beards with the true intention to develop the best beard care products on the market. We confidently stand behind our products and are excited to share them with you and the other awesome beards out there.


BEERDS beard care vision statement



It's been quite a journey so far and we have faced many setbacks and challenges as with any venture, but we're thankful for the opportunity and we really hope you enjoy your experience with BEERDS.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, just drop us a line at support@beerds.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Stay safe and best wishes,

Tommy Bussey
Founder, BEERDS